Slow It Down

Slow It Down

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I never, she never, we never looked back
That wasn’t what we were good at
And when it came to love
We were not good enough
Slow it down
-The Lumineers

No recipes are used on any Makers Havens yarns, making every skein an original piece of art and completely one of a kind. All of our yarns are dyed in small batches. During each dye session for each specific colorway, the same dye colors are used but the results vary with each batch. Batches may result in extremely similar skeins or they may be wildly different from one another. 

Smooth Sock - 100% Superwash Merino - 1 ply - 400 yards - 100 grams

Simple Sock - 80/20 SW/Nylon - 2 ply - 400 yards - 100 grams

Lovely Sock - 75/20/5 SW/Nylon/Sparkle - 2 ply - 438 yards - 100 grams

Fancy Sock - 80/20 SW/Silk - 2 ply - 400 yards - 100 grams

Soft Sock- 75/25 SW/Nylon - 4 ply - 463 yards - 100 grams

Speckled Sock - 85/15 SW/NEP - 2 ply - 438 yards - 100 grams

Please see "BASES" link at top of page for a closer look at the yarns we offer.

If you are choosing yarn for a project requiring more than one skein, please make sure you order the quantity needed from the same batch, as yarns will never be exactly replicated. When creating a multi skein project, such as a garment, striping skeins every other row is necessary for an even color. This is the case when using any indie dyed yarns. 

Throughout the yarn dying process each fiber has been given the utmost thought and attention with every detail, from color selection to finishing touches. Each skein has been soaked, rinsed and air dried to seal in the vibrant color you see, ready to be knit up.  Handmade in NC.