Like A Dream Yarn Box

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I have written a novella! What is a novella? Basically, a short novel. A little slice of something good. Like A Dream is a story that will make you feel all the emotions while you snuggle up and read this summer!

When Graham breaks up with Isla she can’t stop dreaming of their yesterdays, and he can’t stop dreaming of their tomorrows. In the midst of their broken lives a
mysterious rainstorm is falling on the town making reality feel like a dream.


This is the first of several young adult novellas that will be coming your way over the next two years! Each one is a stand alone story with unique characters and whimsical touches of magical realism. All of them will go together in tiny ways that you can search for if you read them all (almost like Disney’s Easter eggs in their movies)!

You can read while you knit and enjoy the additional Like A Dream inspired contents along the way. Each item will be wrapped and labeled with a specific page number that will help to make the story come alive. 

Yarn Box Will Include:
- 100 gram skein of yarn. See link at top of page for more info on the yarn's we carry.
- One signed copy of Like A Dream written by Amber Crawley
- One watercolor painted bookmark.
- 4 extra items inspired by the theme. All items are chosen, (and most are handmade), with love. 


Please see "BASES" link at top of page for a closer look at the yarns we offer.

No recipes are used on any Makers Havens yarns, making every skein an original piece of art and completely one of a kind. All of our yarns are dyed in small batches. During each colorways dye session the same colors and methods are used but the results vary with each batch. Batches may result in extremely similar skeins or they may be wildly different from one another. 

Throughout the yarn dying process each fiber has been given the utmost thought and attention with every detail, from color selection to finishing touches. Each skein has been soaked, rinsed and air dried to seal in the vibrant color you see, ready to be knit up. Every skein is an original piece of art, so no two skeins are exactly alike. Handmade in NC.