Advent Club

Advent Club

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Celebrate the holidays this year with a Makers Haven advent calendar! You will get to enjoy a daily 20 gram mini skein as well as a full size skein on Christmas Day! 

This limited edition club will have pre-orders open through September 1st, or until they are sold out and will ship on November 1st. This will allow plenty of time for thoughtful preparation on our part and will ensure that you receive your package before December 1st.

You will be receiving 24 mini clothespins as well as a ball of twine to hang your advent. It will not only be a beautiful addition to your holiday decorating, but will be something fun for you to look forward to and enjoy each and everyday leading up to Christmas. Daily packages will be labeled 1-24 with the intention of opening one per day. Mini skeins will be a mix of 75/25 (Superwash/Nylon) and 75/20/5 (Superwash/Nylon/Sparkle). Half of which will be holiday and winter inspired and half will be everyday colors. Your Christmas Day skein will be wrapped as a gift, beautiful enough to place under your tree. Your 100 gram skein will be dyed on 80/20 (Superwash/Nylon) and will be dyed with New Years in mind. All yarns will be one of a kind and unique to the club! 

This package saves over 20% when compared to the everyday price of 24 mini skeins and a full skein combined, making it the perfect gift. 

Photo shown is not my own but is being used as an inspiration for the Advent Club packaging. Found via Pinterest.